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Fk-SKS Kunzmann - Ski Tuning Gear

The name 'Kunzmann' stands for over 40 years of innovative products with reliable quality in development and production.

With years of experience in mold making and injection molding technology, our ski and snowboard tools have the quality and precision you would expect from a German company.

Checkout our range of products below or contact Ansco for special requirements.


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FK-SKS Abrasive Rubber 65 x 40 x 20 mm FK-SKS Abrasive Rubber Block
Price: AU$18.21 Inc GST
FK-SKS Adjustable Sole FK-SKS Adjustable Sole
Price: AU$74.70 Inc GST
FK-SKS Aluminium Oxide Stone FK-SKS Aluminium Oxide Stone
Price: AU$18.90 Inc GST
FK-SKS Base Doc II FK-SKS Base Doc II
Price: AU$217.70 Inc GST
FK-SKS Base Flattener FK-SKS Base Flattener
Price: AU$76.80 Inc GST
FK-SKS Base Polish Pad - Fine FK-SKS Base Polish Pad - Fine
Price: AU$16.40 Inc GST
FK-SKS Brake Retainer FK-SKS Brake Retainer W/Hook
Price: AU$83.60 Inc GST

FK-SKS Ceramic Edge Speeder FK-SKS Ceramic Edge Speeder
Price: AU$87.51 Inc GST
FK-SKS Ceramic Stone FK-SKS Ceramic Stone
Price: AU$30.70 Inc GST
FK-SKS Edge Trick FK-SKS Edge Trick
Price: AU$34.89 Inc GST
FK-SKS File Brush FK-SKS File Brush
Price: AU$6.90 Inc GST
FK-SKS Fine File FK-SKS Fine File
Price: AU$23.69 Inc GST
FK-SKS Rotating Brush - Brass FK-SKS Rotating Brush - Brass
Price: AU$156.50 Inc GST
FK-SKS Rotating Brush - Nylon FK-SKS Rotating Brush - Nylon
Price: AU$90.60 Inc GST
FK-SKS Spare Blade - Round FK-SKS Spare Blade - Round
Price: AU$49.19 Inc GST
FK-SKS Spare Blade - Square FK-SKS Spare Blade - Square
Price: AU$32.00 Inc GST