FK-SKS Base Doc II


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Butane power base welder. Easy to use, temperature adjustable and self igniter.

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Butane power base welder (lighter liquid gas). Easy to use, temperature adjustable and self igniter.

Best tools for base welding, with easy repair of damaged base sections

No open flame.

Will not work above 6,000 feet.


Advanced butane gas powered soldering iron type tool for 'welding' in metal grip & p-tex base repair strips (not candles) to give far greater adhesion than the conventional 'dripping candle' method. With a self ignition button & a fine temperature control.

This tool is not to be confused with similar looking tools designed for metal soldering which are waaaay too hot for use on a ski or snowboard bases. The Base Doc II tool has a different venturi, burner unit & tip designed to run from 160-180C specifically for repairing ski & snowboard bases.

The Base Doc tool is very easy to use, here's the process:

  • turn on Base Doc tool & leave for a few mins to heat up
  • degrease repair area with wax remover
  • rub tip of tool over/in repair area (no pressure required) until the p-tex material starts to slightly melt/smoke
  • use tip of tool (set to medium heat) to melt the p-tex repair strip in to the repair
  • gently move the repair material around the area to ensure the base material 'mixes' with the repair material to ensure a real 'weld'
  • overfill the repair by 1-2mm & leave to fully cool for 15-20mins
  • trim of excess with a sharp chisel until flush with base
  • use a medium sandpaper to add structure to the repair surface, rubbing from tip to tail
If the repair site exposes a lot of core &/or metal then weld in a thin layer of metalgrip (on lowest heat setting) to provide a foundation layer prior to applying the repair p-tex.
Model # 3381
Barcode # 4250493732278
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