Telemark Bindings

Since 1980, Voile has introduced and manufactured more telemark binding models than any other telemark brand in North America. We have been relentless and disciplined in our pursuit of the simplest, lightest weight and most reliable designs. 

The Voile Switchback telemark binding is arguably the best selling telemark binding on the market. It's svelte weight and ice-free design make it hard to beat for backcountry skiing.

Want more power and the incredible efficiency of the Switchback, the new X2 could be the last tele binding you will ever want to own.

Manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah USA.


Avalanche Shovels

The shovels your buddy carries is the shovel that saves your life. Long has it been the mantra of Voile and it's true you want your backcountry partner to have a solid and reliable avalanche shovel that won't fail if he or she has to dig you out. 

For 30 years Voile has supplied pro patrollers, guides, avalanche professionals, and military units with the most bomb-proof shovels on the market. You can always count on a Voile shovel.

Manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah USA.



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