The DryGuy Story

DryGuy launched in 1994 with the mission to solve the problem of cold feet and hands caused by uncomfortable wet boots and gloves. More than 20 years later and we’re still keeping your boots, shoes, and gear dry, so you can spend more time out there doing what you love.

Why Dry It Out?

Drying out your gear is not only important for comfort, but also important for the longevity of gear.

Dry For Comfort

Wearing dry gear, especially during cold winter months, will help you stay warmer longer. In extreme conditions, wet gear can even lead to hypothermia or frostbite. Wet footwear also creates more friction between itself and your feet, increasing the risk of blisters.

Dry For Longevity

Damp shoes, boots, and gear is also a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and molds. All of these eat away at the materials of your gear and produce a foul odor. Drying your gear after use can help reduce the risk of developing these cultures in your gear, which also helps to prolong its life and reduce bad odor.