Neos Overshoes

NEOS Overshoes are 100% waterproof and are the best invention ever made to protect your footwear in rainy or snowy weather.



Since 1994, NEOS has been the leading name in protective overshoes.

Made to fit over your everyday footwear, NEOS offers a lightweight solution to preserving your shoes and adding traction in changeable weather conditions.

NEOS has been a leader in all-season protective footwear for 30 years. NEOS are flexible, but rugged — the highest quality overshoes, designed for unpredictable, inclement weather.

The drawstring tops, wide gussets, and adjustable buckles give them a customizable fit, keeping your feet and shoes warm and dry in extreme conditions. NEOS offer optimal safety and stability on icy surfaces and are ideal for people in all-weather professions.

NEOS Overshoes are 100% waterproof and 100% windproof, made with durable, technically advanced materials for all-weather protection. They are gender-neutral and made to fold up or roll up for easy portability when traveling, driving, or for outdoor work and recreation.