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We grew up in the Puget Sound, a basin of sorts, lodged between two vastly different mountain ranges and engulfed by a landscape crossed by lakes, canals, rivers, locks, hills, and regrades. In Seattle, outdoors is everywhere and is ingrained into the everyday lives of the people who inhabit the city, effectively erasing the boundary of outdoor adventure and everyday life. At Seattle Sports, we strive to honour this relationship through the continued creation of superior outdoor gear, gear that speaks to a world where outdoors and everyday life are synonymous.

Seattle Sports was a pioneer of radio-frequency seam welding back in 1983. This process allows our company to offer the widest selection of waterproof sacks, packs and duffels on the market today. To this day, we are proud to operate a domestic manufacturing facility where many of our dry bags and vinyl gear we welded, packaged, and sent to dealers across the world.

From our design office in the quaint Magnolia neighbourhood of Seattle, WA, we hand-select the highest quality materials and couple them with functional design to produce gear that features super tough performance for kayakers, campers, bikers, snow bunnies, and everyone in-between..


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Dry Doc ID by Seattle Sports

Dry Doc ID by Seattle Sports