OAC Skin Based Skis & Bindings

A skinbased ski which combines a Nordic backcountry ski, a telemark/touring ski and a snowshoe.



There is a unique freedom that comes from being on skis in the backcountry. Moving smoothly and seamlessly, elegantly weaving not only a path, but an adventure, though the ups and downs of the rolling hills is when we feel most alive. And it is the sport of XCD skiing that will unfailingly bring us these moments this winter, as it has for many, many winters past.

As a company, Skinbased™ remains true to its Nordic roots. Both products and design, as well as their business model reflect that. Each of the ski styles they produce are represented by one of the many native animals that they share our natural world with. Their skis and bindings continue to be manufactured near their home, in Kangasala, Finland. It is important to them that their products continue to be created and built in an area that both inspires and is well-suited to their use.

While the collection has been created to meet the unique challenges of moving in Nordic winter landscapes, its usefulness has found appeal around the globe, with people looking to move through their own special wilderness.