Roundhead Phillips Self Tapping Screws - Stainless Steel


Roundhead Phillips Self Tapping Screws - Stainless Steel


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Roundhead Phillips Self Tapping Screws drill their own way into materials by cutting threads when they are
screwed into materials such as wood, metal or plastic and are available in a range of sizes.

Round head screws have a Dome-shaped head which sticks out of the surface more than a Pan head screw.

Self Tapping Screw size is described by gauge (diameter) and length usually always described in an imperial value.


Stainless steel is not maintenance free, but maintenance friendly. When using stainless steel products oudoors,
cleaning periodically especially in agressive environments such as coastal areas or swimming pools, is essential.
Washing regularily will reduce the risk of tea staining.

Tea staining: discolouration of the surface that does not affect the structural integrity or the longevity of the material.

4.5mm : 3/16"     13.0mm : 1/2"     32.0mm : 1-1/4"     57.0mm : 2-1/4"    
6.5mm : 1/4"     16.0mm : 5/8"     38.0mm : 1-1/2"     63.0mm : 2-1/2"    
8.0mm : 5/16"     19.0mm : 3/4"     45.0mm : 1-3/4"     70.0mm : 2-3/4"    
9.5mm : 3/8"     25.0mm : 1"     50.0mm : 2"     75.0mm : 3"    


  6g x 1/2"(Pack of 22)
  6g x 3/4"(Pack of 18)
  6g x 1"(Pack of 16)
  6g x 1.1/4"(Pack of 12)
  6g x 1.1/2"(Pack of 9)
  8g x 1"(Pack of 14)
  8g x 1.1/4"(Pack of 11)
  8g x 1.1/2"(Pack of 9)
  8g x 2"(Pack of 6)
  10g x 3/4"(Pack of 12)
  10g x 1"(Pack of 10)
  10g x 1.1/2"(Pack of 8)
  10g x 2"(Pack of 7)
  12g x 1"(Pack of 7)
  12g x 1.1/2"(Pack of 5)
  12g x 2"(Pack of 4)




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