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Draws moisture and perspiration away from the skin, transferring it to the next layer, retaining a warm layer of air next to the skin.


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100% Merkalon Polypropylene. Very comfortable and will keep you warm and dry. Cuffs at ankle.

Black is the only continuing colour SKU #044:

Navy and White on Special @ $29.90 while stocks last.
Draws moisture and perspiration away from the skin, transferring it to the next layer, retaining a warm layer of air next to the skin.

Low Thermal Conductivity
Means better insulation which keeps you warmer for longer periods.

Quick Drying
Because polypropylene is moisture repellent, a wet garment dries within a few hours.

Hard Wearing
A high resistance to rubbing, stretching or tearing.

Polypropylene is only 70% of the weight of an equivalent wool garment.

Made in New Zealand.


About Thermal Underwear / What is polypropylene thermal underwear?

  • Polypropylene retains more heat than any other fabric making it the warmest thermal underwear you can buy. As a specialty outdoor performance garment, it is not generally available in large department stores.
  • 100% polypropylene underwear does not absorb water. Instead, it spreads sweat and moisture evenly across the fabric so that it will dry quickly and keep your skin dry. It really is an amazing material.
  • You can throw a set of polypropylene thermals in the washing machine or hand wash, hang them up and they will be dry within minutes! This makes polypropylene thermals the perfect choice for winter wear and trips to the snow.

How does it compare with other types of thermal underwear?
If you’ve never purchased thermal underwear before, it can be quite confusing figuring out what’s what, as “thermal underwear” is marketed in variety of forms:

Cotton is not a thermal performance yarn & does not have the ability to effectively retain warmth or draw moisture away from the skin. It tends to stay wet and heavy and may also smell by the end of the day. Our advice – give it a miss!

Generally regarded as more of a trans-seasonal fabric. Polyester does not retain warmth as well as Polypropylene and takes longer to dry.

Woollen garments breathe well but weigh slightly more. They also take longer to dry than polypropylene. Wool’s ability to draw moisture away from the skin (known as ‘wicker’) is also excellent but does not perform as well as polypropylene in comparison.


Type Adults
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Comfort and convenience

By: on 1 January 2017
Comfortable to wear, very warm, great convenience to have a fly.

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