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Exel was established in 1960 when three chemists started to produce Electronic detonators for explosives. Derived from Explosive Electronics, Exel shifted gear and started producing sports equipment in the 1970's and started production of cross country poles in 1973.

Now Exel cross country poles regularly finish on the podium with their materials and design helping to deliver almost 20% more propulsion power with each push by the skier, enabling the skier to reach maximum speed faster and maintain maximum speed for longer.


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Exel Adapter (Walker Ferrule) Exel Adapter (Walker Ferrule)

Suitable for the Exel Lock tip system which allows for easy removal and replacement of tips such as the Exel AT Tips and Exel Suspension Tips with no hot gluing required.

Price: AU$16.01 Inc GST
Exel Sport Alis Strap - Black Exel Alis Strap - Black

The ALIS (Advanced Lock In System) is the development of the QLS/loop. The strap can be quickly and easily detach from the stick.

Price: AU$52.00 Inc GST

Exel All Terrain Tip Exel All Terrain Tip

For both and on and off road use. Combining an Aero Tip with a hinged pad system in one easy to use unit. The rubber of the pad is made form a durable and hard wearing rubber that gives great grip.

Price: AU$45.00 Inc GST
Exel Sport Evolution Race Strap - Black Exel Evolution Race Strap - Black

Exel Sport Evolution Race Strap gives all around support during the pole thrust allowing for ultimate control on the pole.

Price: AU$52.00 Inc GST
Exel Sport Fusion Strap - Black Exel Fusion Strap - Black

Comfortable padded strap from Exel. Fits most standard racing handles from most brands.

Price: AU$52.00 Inc GST
Exel Nordic Tourer Exel Nordic Tourer (pair)

Fully capable for weekend and occasional skiers looking for great poles with performance qualities.

Price: AU$36.00 Inc GST

Exel Pathan C Calu (pair) Exel Pathan C Calu (pair)

A combination of Aluminium inside and Carbon outside the shaft, that offers very light shaft with high durability.

Price: AU$199.00 Inc GST
Exel Pathan PL Titanal (pair) Exel Pathan PL Titanal (pair)

Titanium, offers lightweight, durability and stiffness for Trekking poles.

Price: AU$150.00 Inc GST
Exel Spirit Exel Spirit (pair)

Sport pole.

Price: AU$84.00 Inc GST
Exel Suspension Tip Exel Suspension Tip

The suspension Tip is an innovative top with integrated spring mechanism, providing a damping behaviour while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the carbide tip.

Price: AU$36.00 Inc GST
Exel Team Bag - 155cm Exel Team Bag - 155cm

Durable bag for Trainers or Groups, for skis, trekking or nordic poles, clothing and floorball sticks.

Price: AU$69.00 Inc GST
Exel Tourer Jnr Exel Tourer Jnr (pair)

Fully capable for weekend and occasional skiers looking for great poles with performance qualities. These classic poles have been proven to be a great product for those seeking a composite pole.

Price: AU$70.00 Inc GST
Exel Walker Basket Exel Walker Basket

Ideal for walking the pavement, trail or trekking mountains. The carbide tip will give a dependable grip across all surfaces to keep you up, stable and moving forward.

Price: AU$27.01 Inc GST
Exel Yeti (pair) Exel Yeti (pair)

7075 tempered Aluminium alloy with a mechanic resistance of 56kg/mm with Exel's well established BS screw locking mechanism.

Price: AU$120.00 Inc GST
Special: AU$79.00 Inc GST