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Cyalume Technologies is the sole provider of chemiluminescent light sticks to the United States Military, NATO, and FEMA. Now, public safety officials can benefit from this very same technology.

Cyamlume Technologies offers industrial grade Snaplights, a reliable way to see and be seen.

From crime scenes to fires to HAZMAT spills, power outages, severe weather, evacuations, or motor vehicle breakdowns and crashes, being able to quickly see what is going on is an essential step to providing public safety.

The most unique thing advantage of Cyalume chemical light products is their ability to remain operational for years, free of any dependency on batteries or electrical connections. Additional advantages include operation without spark or flame, and without oxygen consumption. Such rock solid reliability and safety in a self contained system enables the application of Cyalume technology in many demanding circumstances, where risk reduction can make a major difference in commercial operations affecting large numbers of people.

Developed for the Military, Cyalume Snaplights are now tested, proven, and recommended for:

  • Utilities: Reliable, Flameless, Waterproof lights to get the job done - indoors and out
  • Hotels: Evacuation lights, room and halway lighting during power outages
  • Businesses: Work lighting during power outages, evacuation lights
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    Cyalume Lightsticks Cyalume Lightsticks 6" (15mm x 150mm)

    Can be used in any weather and are made with non-toxic chemicals.

    Price: AU$5.95 Inc GST